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by admin - May 3rd, 2010.
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SERG members,

A Google group has recently been set up for museum workers who feel “overextended”. It is an online forum to discuss solutions. Here is what they have to say:

“Are you among those paid and volunteer museum workers who feel unreasonably overextended if not “hopelessly overburdened” as those identified by Robert R. Janes in his challenging new book Museums in a Troubled World?
In light of Jane McGonigal’s 2009 article in Museum, arguing that museums should become “happiness machines” for visitors and use “wiki” processes to solve world problems, is it possible that museum workers could experiment with this process themselves first? Can we take responsibility for our own “task saturation” and begin to share and implement workable solutions to this problem?
If this strikes you as both reasonable and necessary, ways and means of addressing the problem are found on the Museum Worker Task Saturation Google Group web site.  Go to Google Groups and search for Museum Worker Task Saturation.”

Or click the link above.

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