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Need Environmental Ed Students for Extra Help?

by admin - January 10th, 2011.
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Dear SERG:

My name is Dr. Gail Jardine and I am the professor from the U of C’s Faculty of Education where I teach a course in Environmental Education and Ecological Teaching that I will be teaching starting this Wednesday. As part of this seminar, each student teacher volunteers with either an environmental NGO or with a teacher who is incorporating concern and action for the environment into their teaching. This is not a practicum as these students have all successfully passed their practicums. This is their final semester as student teachers. There is no assessment needed on your part–they/he/she would be in your classroom as a volunteer helper and just learn from participating along with what you are doing.

Would you be interested in such a volunteer?
Need more information

Please contact Dr. Gail Jardine
Phone: 403.220.7538
Fax: 403.282.3005

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