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Status of School Bookings

by Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area - December 2nd, 2011.
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I was just wondering if anyone thinks that the new residency programs in schools are affecting their school program bookings? We had a few schools this year who had to reschedule their programs and almost cancel because of them. For example one teacher had forgot that she had a dance troupe in the school doing a program that week that affected all grades and thus couldn’t leave the school with her grade six’s.

Is it possible that schools are using their funding on these programs because they are a way to enrich the learning of all their grades at once? Does anyone in SERG offer these programs? I know from speaking with parents that these programs where an artist or specialized instructor is brought in for a week or a month are really expensive.

Thank you kindly,

Laura from Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

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  1. I have not come across this yet. We offer different presentations that connect to the curriculum for all grades and teachers could book us for all of them if they wanted but this has never happened. We don’t have one set presentation suitable for all grades because we would never be able to meet curriculum connections for all of them at once.

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