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Winter Walkabout has returned!

by Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area - December 2nd, 2011.
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The snow is all around and there’s animals to be found!

Come join us at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area for another year of our popular Winter Walkabout program. Your class will become super sleuths as they search for seasonal changes,  signs of animals and hide their pet mice in snowbanks.

“ Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were eager to talk about all they had learned… I was thrilled to see my TV-trapped, stay-inside-in-the-winter students having fun OUTSIDE ALL day.” Grade 2 Teacher after Winter Walkabout program

Programs run for Grade 1-2 students and can be adjusted for Kindergarten and Grade 3. Cost is $6 per Student ($120/program min)

****We now have CBE Master Agreement!**** Save on your paperwork when booking.

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