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Looking for a great Education tool? Rent a vermicomposting bin through our new Worms for a Week program!

by admin - January 28th, 2015.
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By Green Calgary – January 28th, 2015

Along with our thriving presentations and hands-on programs for schools and community groups, Green Calgary is pleased to introduce our newest program: Worms for a Week! Instead of starting and maintaining a vermicomposting bin on your own, educators can rent a functional bin for up to six weeks.
What are the benefits of the program?
– Hands on engaging tool for composting, nutrient cycling, and animal care education
– High student interest: students feel empowered to care for and “babysit” their worms
– Low commitment: no need to worry about maintaining a worm bin over the summer or winter holidays.
– Immediate results: the bin is fully functional upon receipt
Cost: 4 week rental (28 days): $30 + GST; 6 week rental (42 days): $45 + GST
For more information, please check out our Worms for a Week page, or contact Amy Spark at or 403.230.1443 EXT 228.
Want to know more about the Green Kids program? Check out our new video! worms

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