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Since 1981, Foothills Brass has reached close to one million students!

by admin - January 18th, 2017.
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Foothills Brass tours to schools across North America, helping to build future generations of music listeners, lovers and performers. In the Building Blocks of Music program we show kids how music is put together! Step-by-step we create songs using the building-blocks of Tone, Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. Then we highlight how these building blocks are used in other great songs the kids already know, such as Star Wars, Under the Sea, and the Harry Potter soundtrack! A lucky volunteer gets to conduct, and all the kids get instructions on building would-be brass instruments out of household items. Great fun and learning!

The Trio program, three players, to fit smaller audiences, up to 150 students. This is an interactive presentation with emphasis on the science of sound and how music and instruments change over time. Introduces the brass from tuba to piccolo trumpet, with visits from the other families of instruments. Singalong with a banjo ukelele? Mario Brothers theme on sopranino recorder? Serious fun!

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