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Alberta Tomorrow – Understanding Land-use Decision Making that Balances the Environment and Economy

Do you discuss climate change, population growth, water quality, environmental degradation, economic stability, forestry, agriculture, or oil and gas production in your classroom?  Need an engaging citizen science app  to use throughout the year that uses cutting edge GIS technology as you explore Alberta for the grade 4 curriculum?  Want to provide your students with a real life environment/economic struggle in Science 5,6,7,8, or 9? Want to put some relevance to those Biogeochemical Cycles in Biology 20?

More than just Citizen Science App, the all new Alberta Tomorrow site ( can connect your students to the environment around them. Alberta Tomorrow allows your students to collect, monitor and store data, solve complex environmental/economic issues we face in Alberta with a systems thinking approach, use cool GIS technology to time travel into the past and see how the landscape has changed overtime, and create future simulations that can improve the environment around them. Free lesson plans and software for Bio classes and science grades 4-11!

Program Components
  • Access the FREE on-line technology at
  • Request a free 90 minute classroom visit to help you and your students learn the technology
  • Use GIS mapping technology to assess and understand human impact on our landscape
  • Access curriculum based lesson plans for Grades 4-11
  • Time travel into the past and into the future using cool technology
  • Store and share data your students have collected in the field
  • Create alternative futures for Alberta that balance the environment and Economy
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