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Artefact Talks

Artefact Talks are curated, virtual education programs providing both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences to offer instructors flexible and accessible options. With 360° software showcasing one-of-a-kind artefacts, these inquiry-based education programs provide an immersive field trip experience.

Artefact Talks programs are tailored to students in grades 3 to grade 9, as well as upper level learners; including, high school and university students, adults, and seniors groups.

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Available Artefact Talks programs:

Follow Your Dreams:

Inspire your students to follow their dreams and achieve their potential through perseverance, goal-setting, and positive visualization! (Grades 3-9)

Stick it to the Competition through Innovation:

Make science and math fun by exploring innovations in ice hockey sticks throughout time using the scientific method and shooting percentages! (Grades 6-9)

Taking the Higher Ground:

Using guided questioning, students will learn about the racial barriers Order of Sport Recipients and Hall of Famers Tom Longboat and Gaylord Powless overcame both in their life and sporting careers.  (Grades 4-6)

Women in Sport:

A higher level, virtual education program that focuses on gender inequality and parity in sport at the federal and international level, both historically and today. (Grades 10-University)

Program Components
  • Short videos
  • 360° of Artefacts
  • Trivia
  • Movement breaks
  • Lesson plans
Booking Contact

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