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Artefact Talks

Artefact Talks are 45-minute virtual education programs delivered in real-time! With Q&A engagement and panoramic WebRotate 360® software showcasing one-of-a-kind artefacts, these inquiry-based education programs simulate an in-person field trip experience from the safety and comfort of your classroom!

Artefact Talks  programs are tailored to students in grades 3 to grade 9, as well as upper level learners; including, high school and university students, adults, and seniors groups.

To view current offerings, program descriptions, post-visit activities and Alberta curricular connections, visit our website HERE.

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Program Components
  • Virtual and synchronous
  • Question and answer format to encourage inquiry-based learning
  • Engagement with videos and alternative media texts, such as Hall of Famer memorabilia and photos
  • Combination of physical and 360-degree views of digitized artefacts
  • Post-visit activities provided
  • Aligned with the Alberta curriculum
Booking Contact

Book by contacting the Manager, Education and Programming at or call 403-776-1059.