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Building Community Over Time

This program keeps students moving as they consider the location of Fort Calgary to learn about the significance of the land and the communities that have called this area home. The journey continues throughout the museum, where students will learn more about the different materials used to build homes and work together to build a child-sized log cabin.


Grade 1

  • Social Studies: What are some stories of the past?

  • Science: How can objects work together to build something new?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: Organize ideas to record factual information.

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Demonstrate ways of moving safely through space during physical activity.

Grade 2

  • Social Studies: How do communities develop over time?

  • Science: How has the environment changed over time?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: Ask and answer questions to clarify information.

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Reflect on how personal relationships are maintained or strengthened.

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