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CAWST Wavemakers – Approaches to Development: Lessons from a Global Water Charity

“Let’s build a well in Africa!” This sounds like a good idea, but is it really that simple? Let’s talk about how best to help communities in developing countries with issues such as access to water. Although we gravitate toward fundraising for technological solutions, sharing skills and knowledge can have a more lasting impact.

Through field stories, students learn about the impact of sustainable development and how to apply these practices in community based projects.


In-classroom workshops are offered Monday-Friday throughout the school year.

Program Fees

Although workshops are free of charge, CAWST is a charity and donations are welcome.

More Information:

Curriculum links

  • Grade 8 science – Freshwater and Saltwater systems
  • Junior and High and High School social studies
Program Components
  • Workshop in your classroom
  • Learn from an International Development charity
  • Learn about different water filtration technologies
  • Card games
Curriculum Links
Booking Contact

Please email, or call 403.243.3285