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CAWST Wavemakers – Global Village Mystery

In this highly interactive workshop on global water, sanitation, and hygiene issues, students investigate the various ways disease is being transmitted within a hypothetical global village.

After problem solving how the village is getting sick, students discuss potential solutions to the problems. Will one solution alone work? Is one more effective than another? What does it take to change behavior?


In-classroom workshops are offered Monday-Friday throughout the school year.

Program Fees

Although workshops are free of charge, CAWST is a charity and donations are welcome.


More Information:

Curriculum links

  • Grade 8 science – Freshwater and Saltwater systems
  • Junior and High and High School social studies
Program Components
  • Grades 7 - 12
  • Card Games
  • Workshop delivered in your classroom
  • Global Citizenship Education
Curriculum Links
Booking Contact

Please email, or call 403.243.3285