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CAWST Wavemakers – Humanitarian Design

Given a scenario related to a real-world water problem, children are challenged to work in a group to use critical thinking skills to create a prototype technology that might solve the problem.

Students will learn what criteria are needed to create a sustainable technology and design a 3D model of a technology to address a given water, sanitation, or hygiene issue in a developing country.



In-classroom workshops are offered Monday-Friday throughout the school year.

Program Fees

Although workshops are free of charge, CAWST is a charity and donations are welcome.


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Curriculum links

Grade 3 – Communities in the world

Grade 4 – Waste and our world

Program Components
  • Grades 3-6
  • A Design Challenge
  • Card Games
  • Workshop delivered in your classroom
Curriculum Links
Booking Contact

Please email, or call 403.243.3285