SERG Alberta


Connecting Place and Archaeology

Students will learn about oral traditions and take part in a hands-on archaeologicalĀ dig to uncover the layered histories we have come to know about Fort Calgary. They will sharpen their listening and observational skills as they think critically about their learnings from Indigenous perspectives.


Grade 3

  • Social Studies: How do we know what really happened in the past?

  • Science: How does where you live influence the things you use for building materials?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: How do oral traditions show respect for traditional shared knowledge?

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Apply movement elements when engaging in physical activity.

Grade 4

  • Social Studies: What can we infer about the artefacts we find?

  • Science: What are our responsibilities in approaching archaeology in a respectful way?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: Demonstrate listening skills that build relationships and understanding.

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Integrate elements of movement in various physical activities.

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