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Conversation Starters

These recorded videos tackle a variety of societal issues and also act as entry points to discuss racism awareness, Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being, nationalism and Canadian identity, sense of belonging, newcomer experiences, and many other ties to provincial curricula! They are intended as short clips that teachers can show in class to supplement their lesson plans and students’ learning!

Available videos:


How can sports help to build our collective identity? Hear the personal stories of Hall of Famers and other prominent Canadians about the sporting moments that made them proud to be Canadian. (Grades K-12)

CBC Beyond the Win:

Hear how Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Hall of Famers have gone beyond their greatest sporting achievements to do good in their community. Inspiring wins in sport and life! (Grades K-12)

National Indigenous Peoples Day:

Relive an incredible celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day through exclusive recorded livestreamed events. Delve into the insightful Educational Keynote and thought-provoking Panel Discussion that brings awareness to, and celebrates the importance of, Indigenous Athletes and Builders of sport and their immense contributions to building what is now Canada. (Grades K-12)

Sportsnet Conversations with the Class of 2020-21:

Conversations with an incredibly diverse class of athletes and builders marking the 65th anniversary of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. (Grades K-12)

We Will Do Better:

Develop racism awareness and spark conversations about racism by listening to the stories of how Hall of Famers overcame the challenges of racism in their sporting career. These videos created by Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in partnership with TSN and Quantum Media House share these stories. (Grades K-12)


Program Components
  • Curricular connections
  • Short videos
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The extensive library of videos is available on the Beyond the Win website.