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Freshwater and Saltwater Systems (G8, 4 hrs)

A Look at the Science of Water and Living Things

Come on in – the water’s perfect! Animals in their natural habitats swim in a biological soup, but at the zoo we have to use filtration systems to ensure the soup doesn’t get too chunky! In the Canadian Wilds we’ll explore the relationship between water quality and living things, learn about the biofilter systems that keep our animals happy and even do some water testing. Students will discover the importance of water and its global distribution through small group activities. Water conservation strategies will be discussed and debated along with aquatic animal adaptations.

Program Components
  • Length: 4 hours (includes 30 minute lunch break)
  • Time offered: 10am, Maximum 2 per day, classroom dependent
  • Program Fees: $340, Availability: September - April
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