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Insects and other living things

Students in this program will be taken on a guided tour to explore nature and the insects and plants that live there.  This hands-on tour incorporates Alberta science curriculum education goals for Kindergarten through Grade 6 levels, and allows students to interact with insects, plants and nature.  Students will gain insight into the inter-dependency of plants and insects, and the responsibility of each student to respect the environment.  Students locate and encounter insects in their natural habitat and identify species and varieties of insects with the tour leaders.

Cost also includes access to Sunshine Adventure Park where time for outdoor free-play can be allocated at the discretion of the teacher following the tour.

Tour length is approximately 45 minutes for Division 1 students and 1 hour long for Division 2 students. Three groups per time slot/maximum 25 students per group for a total of 75 students.  Available May  – July.

Program Components
  • Guided tour of greenhouse and natural wooded area
  • Insect identification activity
  • Guided observation of evidence of insect activity
Booking Contact

To book call 403-995-5509 or visit