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Marsh Mysteries – Virtual Program

Meet some of the hidden critters – aquatic invertebratesĀ  – who make their homes in Alberta’s waters! Investigate the varying lifecycle stages that happen both in and out of the water, and where you might find them in your own city or neighbourhood. Using a dichotomous key, you’ll learn the unique characteristics of local invertebrates and practice your new-found skills in identifying different species. By the end of this program, you’ll be ready to pick up your dip net and explore your local wetland and identify your neighbourhood invertebrates!

This live webinar is approximately 60 minutes long + time for questions, and can accommodate up to four classes per program. Recommended age range 7-10

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Program Components
  • Introduction to Alberta's aquatic ecosystems
  • Insect lifecycles (complete metamorphosis versus incomplete metamorphosis)
  • Invertebrate investigation (identify some common aquatic invertebrates)
  • Wetland values
  • Wetland Stewardship
Booking Contact

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Main line: 403-297-6561