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Science of Mental Health: Junior

The last frontier of science – our brains! In this highly interactive workshop students engage with biosensors, technology and brain models to learn about the science of mental health. Exploring how the brain works and using brain models, students develop appreciation for the science behind our mental health. Students go on an exploratory journey using biosensors and iPads to understand their own reactions to positive and negative stress and use simple techniques to help their brain be the best it can be. Developed in partnership with leading experts in mental health, this workshop was created with the support of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Separate School Division, Rocky View Schools, Palix Foundation, University of Calgary, Morneau Sheppell and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
Program Components
  • 120-minute facilitated workshop
Booking Contact

Visit or call 403-817-6802 to register.