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Settling Stories of the West

Embark on a journey where stories from the past and present connect students to place and community. Students will see how learning about lived experiences provides historical context and understanding, encourages a shared responsibility for our collective future, and guides the steps we take now towards living together in a good way.


Grade 5

  • Social Studies: Why do people move?

  • Social Studies: How has the diversity of peoples and communities changed over time in what is now Canada?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: What insights can we gain by comparing diverse perspectives on the same topic? Evaluate ideas and information to comprehend texts?

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Combine movement skills to perform movement patterns in a variety of physical activities.

Grade 6

  • Social Studies: Why are names of places important?

  • Social Studies: How have historical forces influenced the ability of people to ensure their wellbeing?

  • English Language Arts and Literature: How does context influence vocabulary and the intentionality of communication? Analyze how a variety of texts are organized and can influence understandings of ourselves and others?

  • Physical Education and Wellness: Participate in a variety of physical activities?

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