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Who Am I? – Virtual Program

Investigate the wild animals who call Alberta home! From mammals and birds to reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects, we’ll explore how to identify Alberta’s wildlife by learning about their unique characteristics. Get ready to decipher clues and follow the facts to test your abilities in identifying some well-known and lesser-known wildlife. Whether furry, feathered, scaly or too small to see, you’ll learn that each of these creatures plays an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems – and so do you!

This live webinar is approximately 60 minutes long + time for questions,  and can accommodate up to four classes per program. Recommended age 5-10

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Program Components
  • Introduction to Alberta's wildlife diversity
  • Who Am I? Game
  • Keystone species
  • Wildlife conservation and stewardship
Booking Contact

Call Bow Habitat Station's School Program Coordinator to book your class' program!
Main line: 403-297-6561