SERG Alberta



Eligibility Criteria
Membership in SERG shall be conditional upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. Organization/agency has a statement of purpose in alignment with the statement of purpose of SERG Alberta.
  2. Organization/agency has a strong school and community educational mandate with: personnel and/or written material and/or financial commitments to the development and implementation of a broad-based educational programming and/or materials.
  3. In offering school programs, the organization/agency can demonstrate how the program(s) reflect the specific curriculum requirements for the intended grade level(s).
  4. The organization/agency can show evidence that they provide for the safety and security of program participants.
  5. The organization/agency can show evidence that they have offered successful educational programming for at least one year.
  6. Upon approval of membership application, the annual membership fee of $100 is due. Teachers are welcome to join for free.
  7. The applying organization/agency must agree to abide by the constitution of SERG Alberta.

Application Procedure
Over 20 members of SERG now benefit from the mutual exchange of information, professional development and cooperative efforts in program promotion. The procedure for becoming a member includes:

  1. Having your organization submit a complete application to the SERG Membership Committee and then having you give a short presentation (5-10 minutes) on your organization and programs at a regular business meeting. Please note that you are welcome to visit a SERG meeting before application.
  2. After your presentation, the members then vote on the membership application. Our Membership Chair will contact you with results and information.
  3. Annual membership fee is $100. Individual memberships may be purchased for $20.00. An Individual Membership is not transferable and allows one individual to attend meetings, professional development sessions, and events at the member rate. Individual Members do not have voting privileges and do not receive marketing support from SERG. There is no review process for this category of membership.

Please contact SERG if you are interested in joining!